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Zorbing – A Sport For Everybody
I recently worked on a campaign about Zorbing. It included a detailed presentation for new potential clients and for people interested in this sport.

Firstly I will explain about zorbing, then I will tell you what kind of activities are related to it, what kind of gear is required and necessary to practice this sport, a bit about the safety of zorbing, and where you can go to practice this outdoor activity.

First of all, ZORBING is an extreme sport, in which a person prides inside a big inflatable plastic ball on a hillside, on the surface of water, on flat ground depending on the situation and activity. In order to get the general idea, imagine a hamster inside a plastic hamster ball rolling around, and scale it to a human size. This is pretty much what ZORBING is.

A bit about the history of zorbing: it was invented back in the mid-20th century when a group of gentlemen, who had their own adventuring club came up with the idea of putting a chair inside a giant ball. Someone would be strapped to the chair and the ball would be pushed on a slope to gain speed. The concept was scraped however and forgotten for a long time. That is until the early 1990s when summary New Zealand two people took the concept a step further. They came up with the idea of ZORBING. They created some giant plastic balls filled with air that they called Zorbing-Balls.

So what exactly the modern Zorbing-Ball? It’s a giant sphere made up of two balls one inside the other which are created out of plastic material. The inner ball and the other ball are linked by means of many many plastic threads that hold them together. In between the two balls there is a cushion of air that is filled with a pump, basically creating a cushion that absorbs all the shocks as the ball travels down its path. This way the passenger is not hurt by any bumps in the road.

The activity gained fame quickly and many people even famous celebrities actually tried it out. For example Jimmy Fallon and Jason Statham did a zorbing challenge in order to promote one of Jason’s new movies.

Where can you practice zorbing? Pretty much whatever you have a patch of grass or smooth terrain so that the Zorbing-Ball doesn’t get punctured because it is made of a layer of thin plastic (around 6 mm thick I believe). You can practice it on the plane, on the grassy surface of a hillside, and there have been occasions when people took the Zorbing-Ball on water. There have been some occurrences when, for different purposes, some people tried to cross a whole sea inside one of these gents hamster balls. So, as you can see, there are many different ways in which you can practice zorbing.

One other thing to note, is that there are generally two types of Zorbing. One of them is called hydro zorbing, also referred to as aqua zorbing, or just simply water zorbing. In this type of activity you have to pour water inside the inner sphere. Then the rider gets in his swimsuit and rides inside the sphere sliding around in the cushion of water that is created by the ball travels on its trajectory. This is a pretty smooth and enjoyable ride. Another type of zorbing entails the usage of harnesses. Using these balls and buckles one straps himself to the inner sphere. This way when the ball rolls so does the passenger inside the ball. This is more chaotic and more adrenaline inducing than the other type.

In terms of safety, zorbing is generally essay sport if you follow the normal safety precautions. These include checking the harnesses before every ride to to ensure they are safe and well secured. Checking that the terrain that you’re going to practice the sport on. You must be sure that there are some gentle slopes and that you don’t practice it on the slope of a mountain for example where you can fall in a precipice. There have been situations when this happened and it was unpleasant and resulted in injury. But if you take care and follow basic safety guidelines zorbing is a safe and fun activity for all ages.

Check the following pictures to see what ZORBING looks like in general:

Zorbing on a flat surface
Zorbing on a flat surface
Zorbing on mountain side
Zorbing on mountain side
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